• Custom creation of equipment and machines
  • Equipment modernization or improvement
  • Optimization of operations
  • Specialized tools
  • Welded equipment
  • Specialized tools
  • Conveyors and manipulators
  • Machinery's safety
Standard production equipment does not meet your specific needs?

You wish to optimize the efficiency and performance of your production lines?

We are known for:

  • Finding the best technology solutions that complies with your budget
  • Improving productivity
  • Lowering production costs
  • Meeting safety standards
  • Complying with budgets and schedules


  • Manufacturing of components (machining, welding, painting)
  • Manufacturing of production equipment (assembly, functionality test)
  • Manufacturing of peripheral equipment production (conveyors and manipulators)
  • Control panels
  • Specialized tools
  • Machine safety elements

Does your production equipment need to meet challenging specifications?


Are you looking for a provider that can meet your requirements?

Are you looking for a team that can launch your production in the best delays and at the best costs?

We are known for:

  • Providing a turnkey service for machining, welding, painting, mechanical and electrical assembly and functionality testing
  • Having a technical engineering team that enhances designs and lower manufacturing costs
  • Complying with budgets and schedules
  • Our manufacturing system (MRP) that allows traceability along the complete process


  • Factory layout
  • Production lines
  • Moving and installation of equipment (US-CAN)
  • Transfer of machinery
  • Precision alignment
  • Equipment reconfiguration and integration
  • Turnkey projects
  • Multidisciplinary mechanical/electrical team

Do you need to readjust your production capacity?


Do you have plans of expanding or integrating new equipment or to implement new technologies?

Egzatek has the expertise and experience to offer turnkey solutions adapted to your plans to transfer or install production equipment.

Our unique and structured methodology ensures a high degree of precision and detail that reflects your expectations.

We are known for our:

  • Fast execution
  • Safe handling techniques
  • Precision alignment
  • Global project management
  • Detailed work schedule

Our team possesses highly specialized skills in mechanics, electrics and automation, ensuring a project is efficiently carried out at the best overall cost. Our expertise allows us to remove productivity losses, to increase production speed and to reduce waste.

modernisation et réusinage


  • Systems improvements
  • Equipment modernization and optimization
  • Reverse engineering
  • Automation systems update
  • Equipment and parts repair and maintenance
  • Calibration, adjustment and alignment
  • Selective rework according to our inspection report
  • Maintenance and planned shutdowns

Do you wish to modernize and increase your equipment efficiency?

Do you need to restore the mechanical, electrical and automation components of your equipment?

We are known for our

  • Selective rework
    • Return on investment optimization
  • Defined process
    • Efficiency gain
    • Reduced delays
  • Systems improvements
  • Reverse engineering service
  • Quality control and traceability

Egzatek specializes in the repair, the modernization and the rework of production equipment components. Refurbishing equipment by changing specific functioning principles or components to modernize and improve their productivity is often very cost-efficient.

Our team is committed to not only giving the machine its original level of performance back, but also improving it by modernizing its components, either by adding technologies or through modifications that will push its limits.