From design to installation: a team of experts at each step of your project

We will suggest solutions that will meet your needs while observing your budget
and schedules.

At Egzatek, our strengths lie in our creative approach to problem solving, our ingenuity as well as our respect to schedules and budgets.

We chose to surround ourselves with key individuals in order to create a multidisciplinary team that can answer our clients’ needs, from designing to installing production equipment. Enthusiastic and motivated, our employees also possess diverse industrial experiences.


  • Synergy between the client and our team
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Unique planning methodology
  • Creative and tailored solutions
  • A unique one-stop shop to support mechanical, electrical,
    electronic and computing aspects.
  • Fast execution

Custom design

We are known for:

  • Finding the best technology solutions that complies with your budget
  • Improving productivity
  • Lowering production costs
  • Meeting safety standards
  • Complying with budgets and schedules
  • Our structured stage gates approach

Custom manufacturing

We are known for:

  • Providing a turnkey service for machining, welding, painting, mechanical and electrical assembly and functionality testing
  • Having a technical engineering team that enhances designs and lower manufacturing costs
  • Complying with budgets and schedules
  • Our manufacturing system (MRP) that allows traceability along the complete process

Transfer and installation

We are known for our:

  • Fast execution
  • Safe handling techniques
  • Precision alignment
  • Global project management
  • Detailed work schedule

Repair, modernization and rework

We are known for our:

  • Selective rework
    • Return on investment optimization
  • Defined processes
    • Efficiency gain
    • Fewer delays
  • Systems improvements
  • Reverse engineering service
  • Quality control and traceability


  • Custom solutions
  • An experienced multidisciplinary team
  • Defined projects and specifications
  • Budget and schedule follow-ups
  • A project manager is dedicated to your project!