Today, EGZATEK is

  • A team of over 50 employees
  • More than 9000 projects completed
  • 43,000 square feet of facilities

Since 1992, Egzatek, formerly known as Litho Service, has built itself a global reputation in the printing, web handling and converting markets. Our customers in North America, Europe and around the world have benefited from our engineering services and turnkey solutions. We specialize in the transfer and installation of production equipment, in alignment, reconditioning, reworking, custom designing and, mainly, the optimization of production equipment. Since a few years, our expertise in manufacturing became so coveted that we now offer custom manufacturing, where we manufacture, assemble and test your equipment according to your technical specifications. Our expertise meets the growing needs of the manufacturing and converting (packing and product packaging) sectors, for both mechanical and electrical components (automation and motorization).

At Egzatek, our team is made up of more than 50 experts dedicated to our clients, so that they remain competitive in a constantly evolving market. We offer forward-thinking solutions designed to increase performance and effectiveness while minimizing slowdowns and production downtime.

Our expertise, attention to details, reputation, and engineering creativity have made us undisputed leaders in completing large and complex projects.

Our globally recognized expertise

Are you considering equipment design, an optimization, the automation of processes, an installation, a transfer, an update, a repair, reconditioning, an alignment or reworking?

Entrust your projects to us!

Our engineers, technicians, technical staff, and project managers hold the highest certifications. We plan our projects with great care to ensure that our client will benefit from the best return on investment.

Egzatek is recognized worldwide for its creative approach to problem solving, its ingenuity as well as its observance of schedules and budgets.