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LSC-230 Register Motorization Kit

The LSC-200 and LSC-230 systems have been designed to allow the press operator to control the unit’s registration mechanisms from one or multiple color quality desks. This can be achieved with the addition of a motorized actuator on every registration mechanism. ++

LSC-310 Shaftless Infeed

This system is composed of a dancer roller and a nip roller that work together to keep a constant tension in a paper web. A variable speed AC drive runs the draw roller according to the press speed and the dancer position to keep the web tension constant. ++

Egzatek project performance

This note is to outline the outstanding level of quality and timely performance provided by Egzatek which we qualify as a true partner when it comes to bring to their customers a level of quality of work and depth of understanding unparalleled in the industry. More specifically I am referring to two specific projects which they have met and surpassed our expectation. ++